Publicaciones de los grupos de investigación del IIB

Año 2020

Acevedo, G. R., Juiz, N. A., Ziblat, A., Perez Perri, L., Girard, M. C., Ossowski, M. S., Fernandez, M., Hernandez, Y., Chadi, R., Wittig, M., Franke, A., Nielsen, M. and Gomez, K. A.
In Silico Guided Discovery of Novel Class I and II Trypanosoma cruzi Epitopes Recognized by T Cells from Chagas' Disease Patients.
Journal of Immunology : en prensa (2020)
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Campetella, O., Buscaglia, C. A., Mucci, J. and Leguizamon, M. S.
Parasite-host glycan interactions during Trypanosoma cruzi infection: trans-Sialidase rides the show.
Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Basis Dis 1866(5): 165692 (2020)
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Colautti, D. C., Miranda, L., Gonzalez-Castro, M., Villanova, V., Strussmann, C. A., Mancini, M., Maiztegui, T., Berasain, G., Hattori, R., Grosman, F., Sanzano, P., Lozano, I., Vegh, S. L., Salinas, V., Del Ponti, O., Del Fresno, P., Minotti, P., Yamamoto, Y. and Baigun, C. R. M.
Evidence of a landlocked reproducing population of the marine pejerrey Odontesthes argentinensis (Actinopterygii; Atherinopsidae).
Journal of Fish Biology 96(1): 202-216 (2020)
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Degos, C., Hysenaj, L., Gonzalez-Espinoza, G., Arce-Gorvel, V., Gagnaire, A., Papadopoulos, A., Pasquevich, K. A., Meresse, S., Cassataro, J., Memet, S. and Gorvel, J. P.
Omp25-dependent engagement of SLAMF1 by Brucella abortus in dendritic cells limits acute inflammation and favours bacterial persistence in vivo.
Cell Microbiol : en prensa (2020)
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Estrella, M. J., Fontana, M. F., Cumpa Velasquez, L. M., Torres Tejerizo, G. A., Diambra, L., Hansen, L. H., Pistorio, M. and Sannazzaro, A. I.
Mesorhizobium intechi sp. nov. isolated from nodules of Lotus tenuis in soils of the Flooding Pampa, Argentina.
Systematic and Applied Microbiology 43(1: 126044 (2020)
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Fernandez-Milmanda, G. L., Crocco, C. D., Reichelt, M., Mazza, C. A., Kollner, T. G., Zhang, T., Cargnel, M. D., Lichy, M. Z., Fiorucci, A. S., Fankhauser, C., Koo, A. J., Austin, A. T., Gershenzon, J. and Ballare, C. L.
A light-dependent molecular link between competition cues and defence responses in plants
Nature Plants 6(3): 223-230 (2020)
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Gazquez, A., Abdelgawad, H., Baggerman, G., Van Raemdonck, G., Asard, H., Maiale, S. J., Rodriguez, A. A. and Beemster, G. T. S.
Redox homeostasis in the growth zone of the rice leaf plays a key role in cold tolerance.
J Exp Bot 71(3): 1053-1066 (2020)
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Hatos, A., Hajdu-Soltesz, B., Monzon, A. M., Palopoli, N., Alvarez, L., Aykac-Fas, B., Bassot, C., Benitez, G. I., Bevilacqua, M., Chasapi, A., Chemes, L., Davey, N. E., Davidovic, R., Dunker, A. K., Elofsson, A., Gobeill, J., Foutel, N. S. G., Sudha, G., Guharoy, M., Horvath, T., Iglesias, V., Kajava, A. V., Kovacs, O. P., Lamb, J., Lambrughi, M., Lazar, T., Leclercq, J. Y., Leonardi, E., Macedo-Ribeiro, S., Macossay-Castillo, M., Maiani, E., Manso, J. A., Marino-Buslje, C., Martinez-Perez, E., Meszaros, B., Micetic, I., Minervini, G., Murvai, N., Necci, M., Ouzounis, C. A., Pajkos, M., Paladin, L., Pancsa, R., Papaleo, E., Parisi, G., Pasche, E., Barbosa Pereira, P. J., Promponas, V. J., Pujols, J., Quaglia, F., Ruch, P., Salvatore, M., Schad, E., Szabo, B., Szaniszlo, T., Tamana, S., Tantos, A., Veljkovic, N., Ventura, S., Vranken, W., Dosztanyi, Z., Tompa, P., Tosatto, S. C. E. and Piovesan, D.
DisProt: intrinsic protein disorder annotation in 2020.
Nucleic Acids Research 48(D1): D269-D276 (2020)
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Hughes, L. C., Cardoso, Y. P., Sommer, J. A., Cifuentes, R., Cuello, M., Somoza, G. M., Gonzalez-Castro, M., Malabarba, L. R., Cussac, V., Habit, E. M., Betancur, R. R. and Orti, G.
Biogeography, habitat transitions and hybridization in a radiation of South American silverside fishes revealed by mitochondrial and genomic RAD data.
Molecular Ecology : en prensa (2020)
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Jasso-Robles, F. I., Gonzalez, M. E., Pieckenstain, F. L., Ramirez-Garcia, J. M., Guerrero-Gonzalez, M. L., Jimenez-Bremont, J. F. and Rodriguez-Kessler, M.
Decrease of Arabidopsis PAO activity entails increased RBOH activity, ROS content and altered responses to Pseudomonas.
Plant Science 292: 110372 (2020)
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Kumar, M., Gouw, M., Michael, S., Samano-Sanchez, H., Pancsa, R., Glavina, J., Diakogianni, A., Valverde, J. A., Bukirova, D., Calyseva, J., Palopoli, N., Davey, N. E., Chemes, L. B. and Gibson, T. J.
ELM-the eukaryotic linear motif resource in 2020.
Nucleic Acids Research 48(D1): D296-D306 (2020)
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Martini, S., Nielsen, M., Peters, B. and Sette, A.
The Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource Program 2003-2018: reflections and outlook.
Immunogenetics 72(1-2): 57-76 (2020)
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Melli, L. J., Zylberman, V., Hiriart, Y., Lauche, C. E., Baschkier, A., Pardo, R., Miliwebsky, E., Chinen, I., Rivas, M., Goldbaum, F. A., Ugalde, J. E., Comerci, D. J. and Ciocchini, A. E.
Development and Evaluation of a Novel VHH-Based Immunocapture Assay for High-Sensitivity Detection of Shiga Toxin Type 2 (Stx2) in Stool Samples.
J Clin Microbiol 58(3): (2020)
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Peters, B., Nielsen, M. and Sette, A.
T Cell Epitope Predictions.
Annual Review of Immunology : en prensa (2020)
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Pires, N., Maiale, S., Venturino, A. and Lascano, C.
Differential effects of azinphos-methyl and chlorpyrifos on polyamine oxidative metabolism during the embryonic development of Rhinella arenarum and its relation to oxidative stress.
Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 163: 14-22 (2020)
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Revora, V., Marchesini, M. I. and Comerci, D. J.
Brucella abortus Depends on l-Serine Biosynthesis for Intracellular Proliferation.
Infect Immun 88(2): (2020)
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Roldan, J. S., Cassola, A. and Castillo, D. S.
Optimization of recombinant Zika virus NS1 protein secretion from HEK293 cells.
Biotechnol Rep (Amst) 25: e00434 (2020)
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Roser, J. F., Etcharren, M. V., Miragaya, M. H., Mutto, A., Colgin, M., Losinno, L. and Ross, P. J.
Superovulation, embryo recovery, and pregnancy rates from seasonally anovulatory donor mares treated with recombinant equine FSH (reFSH).
Theriogenology 142: 291-295 (2020)
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Siden-Kiamos, I., Goosmann, C., Buscaglia, C. A., Brinkmann, V., Matuschewski, K. and Montagna, G. N.
Polarization of MTIP is a signature of gliding locomotion in Plasmodium ookinetes and sporozoites.
Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 235: 111247 (2020)
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Tribulatti, M. V., Carabelli, J., Prato, C. A. and Campetella, O.
Galectin-8 in the onset of the immune response and inflammation.
Glycobiology 30(3): 134-142 (2020)
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Uran Landaburu, L., Berenstein, A. J., Videla, S., Maru, P., Shanmugam, D., Chernomoretz, A. and Aguero, F.
TDR Targets 6: driving drug discovery for human pathogens through intensive chemogenomic data integration.
Nucleic Acids Research 48(D1): D992-D1005 (2020)
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Vignatti, P., Gonzalez, M. E., Jofre, E. C., Bolivar-Anillo, H. J., Moraga, J., Viaud, M., Collado, I. G. and Pieckenstain, F. L.
Botrydial confers Botrytis cinerea the ability to antagonize soil and phyllospheric bacteria.
Fungal Biology 124(1): 54-64 (2020)
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A light-dependent molecular link between competition cues and defence responses in plants.

Fernandez-Milmanda, G. L., Crocco, C. D., Reichelt, M., Mazza, C. A., Kollner, T. G., Zhang, T., Cargnel, M. D., Lichy, M. Z., Fiorucci, A. S., Fankhauser, C., Koo, A. J., Austin, A. T., Gershenzon, J. and Ballare, C. L.

Nature Plants
Volume 6 , Issue 2 pages 223-230 (2020)

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Transmigration of Trypanosoma cruzi Trypomastigotes through 3D Spheroids Mimicking Host Tissues.

Rodriguez, M. E., Rizzi, M., Caeiro, L., Masip, Y., Sanchez, D. O. and Tekiel, V.

Methods in Molecular Biology
Volume 1955, pages 165-177 (2019)

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Chagas Disease Diagnostic Applications: Present Knowledge and Future Steps.

Balouz, V., Agüero, F. and Buscaglia, C.A.

Advances in Parasitology
Volume 97 , Chapter 1 pages 1-45 (2017)

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The Trypanosoma cruzi surface, a nanoscale patchwork quilt.

Mucci, J., Lantos, A.B., Buscaglia, C.A., Leguizamón, M.S. and Campetella, O.

Trends in Parasitology
Volume 33 , Issue 2 , 102 - 112 (2017)

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Albumin–Folate Conjugates for Drug-targeting in Photodynamic Therapy.

Butzbach K, Rasse-Suriani FA, Gonzalez MM, Cabrerizo FM, Epe B.

Photochem Photobiol.
Volume 92, Issue 4, pp 611-619 (2016)

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Towards high-throughput immunomics for infectious diseases: use of next-generation peptide microarrays for rapid discovery and mapping of antigenic determinants.

Carmona SJ, Nielsen M, Schäfer-Nielsen C, Altcheh J, Mucci JS, Balouz V, Tekiel V, Frasch AC, Campetella O, Buscaglia CA, Agüero F.

Mol Cell Proteomics
Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 1871-1884 (2015)

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Shallow lakes from the Central Plains of Argentina: an overview and worldwide comparative analysis of their basic limnological features.

Nadia Diovisalvi, Vanesa Y. Bohn, María Cintia Piccolo, Gerardo M. E. Perillo, Claudio Baigún, Horacio E. Zagarese

Volume 752, Issue 1, pp 5-20

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Plant interactions with other organisms: molecules, ecology and evolution.

Amy T. Austin and Carlos L. Ballaré

New Phytologist.
Volume 204, Issue 2, pages 257–260, October 2014

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Linking phytochrome to plant immunity: low red : far-red ratios increase Arabidopsis susceptibility to Botrytis cinerea by reducing the biosynthesis of indolic glucosinolates and camalexin.

Cargnel MD, Demkura PV, Ballaré CL.

New Phytologist.
Volume 204, Issue 2, pages 42-54, October 2014.

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Identification of a type IV secretion substrate of Brucella abortus that participates in the early stages of intracellular survival.

Döhmer PH, Valguarnera E, Czibener C, Ugalde JE.

Cellular Microbiology.
Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 396-410 (2014)

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No time for candy: passionfruit (Passiflora edulis) plants down-regulate damage-induced extra floral nectar production in response to light signals of competition

Miriam M. Izaguirre, Carlos A. Mazza, María S. Astigueta, Ana M. Ciarla, Carlos L. Ballaré

Volume 173, Issue 1, pp 213-221 (2013)

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DNA methyltransferase3A as a molecular switch mediating the neural tube-to-neural crest fate transition.

Hu, N.; Strobl-Mazzulla, P.H.; Sauka-Spengler, T.; Bronner, M.

Genes & Development
26(21):2380-2385 (2012)

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Fast motility of the malaria transmission stage is essential for intra-dermal migration and triggered by the small heat-shock protein sHSP20.

Montagna G, Buscaglia CA, Münter S, Brinkmann V, Frischknecht F, Matuschewski K.

J Biol Chem
287, 2410-2422 (2012)

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Toxoplasma gondii: without stress there is no life.

Figueras MJ, Angel SO, Cóceres VM and Alomar ML.

Stress Response in Microbiology.
Ed. Jose M. Requena. Caister Academic Press, Chapter 13, 303-319, 2012.

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Neuronal glycoprotein M6a induces filopodia formation via association with cholesterol-rich lipid rafts.

Scorticati C, Formoso K, Frasch AC.

J Neurochem. 2011
Mar 23. doi: 10.1111/j.1471-4159.2011.07252.x. [Epub ahead of print]

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Dendritic arbors of developing retinal ganglion cells are stabilized by beta 1-integrins.

Marrs GS, Honda T, Fuller L, Thangavel R, Balsamo J, Lilien J, Dailey ME and Arregui C.

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 2006
Volume 32, Issue 3 , Pages 230-241

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The genome sequence of Trypanosoma cruzi, etiologic agent of Chagas disease.

El-Sayed NM et al

Science 2005
Volume 309, Issue 5733, Pages 409-415

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The genome of the kinetoplastid parasite, Leishmania major.

Ivens AC et al

Science 2005
Volume 309, Issue 5733, Pages 436-442
Role of N-oligosaccharide endoplasmic reticulum processing reactions in glycoprotein folding and degradation.

Parodi, A.J.

Biochem J. 2000
Volume 348, Issue 1, Pages 1-13.
Structural basis of sialyltransferase activity in trypanosomal sialidases

Alejandro Buschiazzo, Gisele A. Tavares1, Oscar Campetella, Silvia Spinelli, Marfa L. Cremona, Gastón París, Maria Fernanda Amaya, Alberto C.C. Frasch and Pedro M. Alzari

The EMBO Journal 2000
Volume 19, Issue 1, Pages 16 - 24



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