Publicaciones de los grupos de investigación del IIB

Año 2022

Aguila, L., Osycka-Salut, C., Treulen, F. and Felmer, R.
Pluripotent Core in Bovine Embryos: A Review.
Animals (Basel) 12(8): en prensa (2022)
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Alonso, A. M., Schcolnicov, N., Diambra, L. and Coceres, V. M.
In-depth comparative analysis of Tritrichomonas foetus transcriptomics reveals novel genes linked with adaptation to feline host.
Scientific Reports 12(1): 10057 (2022)
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Bernardi, Y., Ponso, M. A., Belen, F., Vegetti, A. C. and Dotto, M. C.
MicroRNA miR394 regulates flowering time in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Plant Cell Reports : en prensa (2022)
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Bertotti, S., Fleming, I., Camara, M. L. M., Centeno Camean, C., Carmona, S. J., Aguero, F., Balouz, V., Zahn, A., Di Noia, J. M., Alfonzo, J. D. and Buscaglia, C. A.
Characterization of ADAT2/3 molecules in Trypanosoma cruzi and regulation of mucin gene expression by tRNA editing.
The Biochemical Journal 479(4): 561-580 (2022)
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Bertucci, J. I., Blanco, A. M., Navarro, J. C., Unniappan, S. and Canosa, L. F.
Dietary protein:lipid ratio modulates somatic growth and expression of genes involved in somatic growth, lipid metabolism and food intake in Pejerrey fry (Odontesthes bonariensis).
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A: Molecular and Integrative Physiology 270: 35537601 (2022)
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Brandsma, A. M., Hilmer, C., Rauch, M., Matuschewski, K. and Montagna, G. N.
Plasmodium early transcribed membrane proteins appear tailored to the host range of malaria parasites.
International Journal for Parasitology 52(2-3): 135-143 (2022)
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Brinoccoli, Y. F., Bogan, S., Arcila, D., Rosso, J. J., Mabragana, E., Delpiani, S. M., de Astarloa, J. M. D. and Cardoso, Y. P.
Molecular and morphological evidence revalidates Acrobrycontarijae (Characiformes, Characidae) and shows hidden diversity.
Zookeys 1091: 99-117 (2022)
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Brunetti, J. E., Quintana, V. M., Scolaro, L. A. and Castilla, V.
Inhibitors of the p38 cell signaling pathway as antiviral compounds against Junin virus.
Archives of Virology 167(3): 935-940 (2022)
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Buet, A., Luquet, M., Santa-Maria, G. E. and Galatro, A.
Can NO Signaling and Its Metabolism Be Used to Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency? Toward a Research Agenda.
Frontiers in Plant Science 13: 787594 (2022)
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Coniglio, R., Diaz, G., Lopez, C., Restelli, M., Grassi, E., Alberto, E. and Zapata, P.
Solid-state bioprocessing of sugarcane bagasse with Auricularia fuscosuccinea for phenolic compounds extraction.
Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology 52(6): 701-710 (2022)
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Coria, L. M., Saposnik, L. M., Pueblas Castro, C., Castro, E. F., Bruno, L. A., Stone, W. B., Perez, P. S., Darriba, M. L., Chemes, L. B., Alcain, J., Mazzitelli, I., Varese, A., Salvatori, M., Auguste, A. J., Alvarez, D. E., Pasquevich, K. A. and Cassataro, J.
A Novel Bacterial Protease Inhibitor Adjuvant in RBD-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Formulations Containing Alum Increases Neutralizing Antibodies, Specific Germinal Center B Cells and Confers Protection Against SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Mice.
Frontiers in Immunology 13: 844837 (2022)
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Deanna, R., Merkle, B. G., Chun, K. P., Navarro-Rosenblatt, D., Baxter, I., Oleas, N., Bortolus, A., Geesink, P., Diele-Viegas, L., Aschero, V., de Leone, M. J., Oliferuk, S., Zuo, R., Cosacov, A., Grossi, M., Knapp, S., Lopez-Mendez, A., Welchen, E., Ribone, P. and Auge, G.
Community voices: the importance of diverse networks in academic mentoring.
Nature Communications 13(1): 1681 (2022)
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Delbes, G., Blazquez, M., Fernandino, J. I., Grigorova, P., Hales, B. F., Metcalfe, C., Navarro-Martin, L., Parent, L., Robaire, B., Rwigemera, A., Van Der Kraak, G., Wade, M. and Marlatt, V.
Effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on gonad development: Mechanistic insights from fish and mammals.
Environmental Research 204(Pt B): 112040 (2022)
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Edreira, M. M., Francia, M. E. and de Miguel, N.
Editorial: Host/Parasite Molecular and Cellular Interactions in the Establishment and Maintenance of Protozoan Infections.
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 12: 930073 (2022)
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Fermani, P., Lagomarsino, L., Torremorrell, A., Escaray, R., Bustingorry, J., Llames, M., Perez, G., Zagarese, H. and Mataloni, G.
Divergent dynamics of microbial components in two temperate shallow lakes with contrasting steady states in the Southern Hemisphere.
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 94(1): en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Fernandez, E. M., Cutraro, Y. B., Adams, J., Monteleone, M. C., Hughes, K. J., Frasch, A. C., Vidal-Gadea, A. G. and Brocco, M. A.
Neuronal membrane glycoprotein (nmgp-1) gene deficiency affects chemosensation-related behaviors, dauer exit and egg-laying in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Journal of Neurochemistry Journal of Neurochemistry 160(2): 234-255 (2022)
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Gimenez, M. C., Frontini-Lopez, Y. R., Pocognoni, C. A., Roldan, J. S., Garcia Samartino, C., Uhart, M., Colombo, M. I., Terebiznik, M. R. and Delgui, L. R.
Rab1b-GBF1-ARF1 Secretory Pathway Axis Is Required for Birnavirus Replication.
Journal of Virology 96(4): e0200521 (2022)
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Glavina, J., Rodriguez de la Vega, R. C., Risso, V. A., Leonetti, C. O., Chemes, L. B. and Sanchez, I. E.
Host diversification is concurrent with linear motif evolution in a Mastadenovirus hub protein.
Journal of Molecular Biology 434(10): 167563 (2022)
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Gonzalez Lopez Ledesma, M. M., Sanchez, L., Ojeda, D. S., Oviedo Rouco, S., Rossi, A. H., Varese, A., Mazzitelli, I., Pascuale, C. A., Miglietta, E. A., Rodriguez, P. E., Pallares, H. M., Costa Navarro, G. S., Caramelo, J. J., Rothlauf, P. W., Liu, Z., Bloyet, L. M., Cornejo Pontelli, M., Rasetto, N. B., Wenker, S. D., Ramis, L. Y., Bialer, M. G., de Leone, M. J., Hernando, C. E., Bianchimano, L., Rios, A. S., Treffinger Cienfuegos, M. S., Rodriguez Garcia, D. R., Longueira, Y., Laufer, N., Alvarez, D., Ceballos, A., Ochoa, V., Monzani, C., Turk, G., Salvatori, M., Carradori, J., Prost, K., Rima, A., Varela, C., Ercole, R., Toro, R. I., Gutierrez, S., Zubieta, M., Acuna, D., Nabaes Jodar, M. S., Torres, C., Mojsiejczuk, L., Viegas, M., Velazquez, P., Testa, C., Kreplak, N., Yanovsky, M., Whelan, S., Geffner, J., Pifano, M. and Gamarnik, A. V.
Longitudinal Study after Sputnik V Vaccination Shows Durable SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies and Reduced Viral Variant Escape to Neutralization over Time.
mBio : e0344221 (2022)
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Gonzalez Solveyra, E., Thompson, D. H. and Szleifer, I.
Proteins Adsorbing onto Surface-Modified Nanoparticles: Effect of Surface Curvature, pH, and the Interplay of Polymers and Proteins Acid-Base Equilibrium.
Polymers (Basel) 14(4): en prensa (2022)
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Hernandez Gonzalez, J. E., Alberca, L. N., Masforrol Gonzalez, Y., Reyes Acosta, O., Talevi, A. and Salas-Sarduy, E.
Tetracycline Derivatives Inhibit Plasmodial Cysteine Protease Falcipain-2 through Binding to a Distal Allosteric Site.
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 62(1): 159-175 (2022)
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Hojamberdiev, M., Czech, B., Wasilewska, A., Boguszewska-Czubara, A., Yubuta, K., Wagata, H., Daminova, S. S., Kadirova, Z. C. and Vargas, R.
Detoxifying SARS-CoV-2 antiviral drugs from model and real wastewaters by industrial waste-derived multiphase photocatalysts.
Journal of Hazardous Materials 429: 128300 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Hughes, K., Shah, A., Bai, X., Adams, J., Bauer, R., Jackson, J., Harris, E., Ficca, A., Freebairn, P., Mohammed, S., Fernandez, E. M., Bainbridge, C., Brocco, M., Stein, W. and Vidal-Gadea, A. G.
Distinct mechanoreceptor pezo-1 isoforms modulate food intake in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.
G3 (Bethesda) 12(3): en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Iannino, F., Uriza, P. J., Duarte, C. M., Pepe, M. V., Roset, M. S. and Briones, G.
Development of a Salmonella-based oral vaccine to control intestinal colonization of Shiga-toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in animals.
Vaccine 40(8): 1065-1073 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Ibrahim, H. M. and Sander, V. A.
Editorial: Apicomplexa Epidemiology, Control, Vaccines and Their Role in Host-Pathogen Interaction.
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 9: 885181 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Jasinski, G., Salas-Sarduy, E., Vega, D., Fabian, L., Martini, M. F. and Moglioni, A. G.
Thiosemicarbazone derivatives: Evaluation as cruzipain inhibitors and molecular modeling study of complexes with cruzain.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 61: 116708 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Kaabinejadian, S., Barra, C., Alvarez, B., Yari, H., Hildebrand, W. H. and Nielsen, M.
Accurate MHC Motif Deconvolution of Immunopeptidomics Data Reveals a Significant Contribution of DRB3, 4 and 5 to the Total DR Immunopeptidome.
Frontiers in Immunology 13: 835454 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Khilji, M. S., Faridi, P., Pinheiro-Machado, E., Hoefner, C., Dahlby, T., Aranha, R., Buus, S., Nielsen, M., Klusek, J., Mandrup-Poulsen, T., Pandey, K., Purcell, A. W. and Marzec, M. T.
Defective Proinsulin Handling Modulates the MHC I Bound Peptidome and Activates the Inflammasome in beta-Cells.
Biomedicines 10(4): en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Kosaloglu-Yalcin, Z., Lee, J., Greenbaum, J., Schoenberger, S. P., Miller, A., Kim, Y. J., Sette, A., Nielsen, M. and Peters, B.
Combined assessment of MHC binding and antigen abundance improves T cell epitope predictions.
iScience 25(2): 103850 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Kristensen, N. P., Heeke, C., Tvingsholm, S. A., Borch, A., Draghi, A., Crowther, M. D., Carri, I., Munk, K. K., Holm, J. S., Bjerregaard, A. M., Bentzen, A. K., Marquard, A. M., Szallasi, Z., McGranahan, N., Andersen, R., Nielsen, M., Jonsson, G. B., Donia, M., Svane, I. M. and Hadrup, S. R.
Neoantigen-reactive CD8+ T cells affect clinical outcome of adoptive transfer with tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in melanoma.
Journal of Clinical Investigation 132(2): en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Kumar, M., Michael, S., Alvarado-Valverde, J., Meszaros, B., Samano-Sanchez, H., Zeke, A., Dobson, L., Lazar, T., Ord, M., Nagpal, A., Farahi, N., Kaser, M., Kraleti, R., Davey, N. E., Pancsa, R., Chemes, L. B. and Gibson, T. J.
The Eukaryotic Linear Motif resource: 2022 release.
Nucleic Acids Research 50(D1): D497-D508 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Lara, I., Bustamante, C. A. and Villarreal, N. M.
Editorial: Fruit Responses to Biotic and Abiotic Stressors During Postharvest.
Frontiers in Plant Science Frontiers in Plant Science 13: 914841 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Liebrenz, K., Frare, R., Gomez, C., Pascuan, C., Brambilla, S., Soldini, D., Maguire, V., Carrio, A., Ruiz, O., McCormick, W., Soto, G. and Ayub, N.
Multiple ways to evade the bacteriostatic action of glyphosate in rhizobia include the mutation of the conserved serine 90 of the nitrogenase subunit NifH to alanine.
Research in Microbiology : 103952 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Lozada, M., Zabala, M. S., Garcia, P. E., Dieguez, M. C., Bigatti, G., Fermani, P., Unrein, F. and Dionisi, H. M.
Microbial assemblages associated with the invasive kelp Undaria pinnatifida in Patagonian coastal waters: Structure and alginolytic potential.
Science of the Total Environment 830: 154629 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Marchesini, M. I., Poetsch, A., Guidolin, L. S. and Comerci, D. J.
Brucella abortus Encodes an Active Rhomboid Protease: Proteome Response after Rhomboid Gene Deletion.
Microorganisms 10(1): en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Mendez, M. S., Ballare, C. L. and Austin, A. T.
Dose-responses for solar radiation exposure reveal high sensitivity of microbial decomposition to changes in plant litter quality that occur during photodegradation.
New Phytologist : en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Mendoza-Morales, L. F., Lagorio, V., Corigliano, M. G., Sanchez-Lopez, E., Ramos-Duarte, V. A., Clemente, M. and Sander, V. A.
Neosporosis in sheep: A systematic review and meta-analysis of global seroprevalence and related risk factors.
Acta Tropica 233: 106569 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Metz, S., Huber, P., Accattatis, V., Lopes Dos Santos, A., Bigeard, E., Unrein, F., Chambouvet, A., Not, F., Lara, E. and Devercelli, M.
Freshwater protists: unveiling the unexplored in a large floodplain system.
Environmental Microbiology 24(4): 1731-1745 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Moi, D., Nishio, S., Li, X., Valansi, C., Langleib, M., Brukman, N. G., Flyak, K., Dessimoz, C., de Sanctis, D., Tunyasuvunakool, K., Jumper, J., Grana, M., Romero, H., Aguilar, P. S., Jovine, L. and Podbilewicz, B.
Discovery of archaeal fusexins homologous to eukaryotic HAP2/GCS1 gamete fusion proteins.
Nature Communications 13(1): 3880 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Mordoh, A., Aris, M., Carri, I., Bravo, A. I., Podaza, E., Pardo, J. C. T., Cueto, G. R., Barrio, M. M. and Mordoh, J.
An Update of Cutaneous Melanoma Patients Treated in Adjuvancy With the Allogeneic Melanoma Vaccine VACCIMEL and Presentation of a Selected Case Report With In-Transit Metastases.
Frontiers in Immunology 13: 842555 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Moriconi, J. I., Silva, M., Zhang, J., Tranquilli, G. E. and Santa-Maria, G. E.
A genome-wide association study unveils key chromosome regions involved in determining sodium accumulation in wheat under conditions of low potassium supply.
Journal of Plant Physiology 275: 153739 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Nardelli, S. C., Silmon de Monerri, N. C., Vanagas, L., Wang, X., Tampaki, Z., Sullivan, W. J., Jr., Angel, S. O. and Kim, K.
Genome-wide localization of histone variants in Toxoplasma gondii implicates variant exchange in stage-specific gene expression.
BMC Genomics 23(1): 128 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Novak, A., Melli, L. J., Rey Serantes, D. A., Caillava, A. J., Comerci, D. J., Ugalde, J. E. and Ciocchini, A. E.
Development of a novel glycoprotein-based immunochromatographic test for the rapid serodiagnosis of bovine brucellosis.
Journal of Applied Microbiology 132(6): 4277-4288 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Penelas, M. J., Arenas, G. F., Trabadelo, F., Soler-Illia, Gjaa, Moya, S. E., Angelome, P. C. and Hoppe, C. E.
Importance of the Structural and Physicochemical Properties of Silica Nanoshells in the Photothermal Effect of Silica-Coated Au Nanoparticles Suspensions.
Langmuir 38(12): 3876-3886 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Pizarro, A. D., Berli, C. L. A., Soler-Illia, Gjaa and Bellino, M. G.
Droplets in underlying chemical communication recreate cell interaction behaviors.
Nat Commun 13(1): 3047 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Putta, S., Alvarez, L., Ludtke, S., Sehr, P., Muller, G. A., Fernandez, S. M., Tripathi, S., Lewis, J., Gibson, T. J., Chemes, L. B. and Rubin, S. M.
Structural basis for tunable affinity and specificity of LxCxE-dependent protein interactions with the retinoblastoma protein family.
Structure : en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Quaglia, F., Meszaros, B., Salladini, E., Hatos, A., Pancsa, R., Chemes, L. B., Pajkos, M., Lazar, T., Pena-Diaz, S., Santos, J., Acs, V., Farahi, N., Ficho, E., Aspromonte, M. C., Bassot, C., Chasapi, A., Davey, N. E., Davidovic, R., Dobson, L., Elofsson, A., Erdos, G., Gaudet, P., Giglio, M., Glavina, J., Iserte, J., Iglesias, V., Kalman, Z., Lambrughi, M., Leonardi, E., Longhi, S., Macedo-Ribeiro, S., Maiani, E., Marchetti, J., Marino-Buslje, C., Meszaros, A., Monzon, A. M., Minervini, G., Nadendla, S., Nilsson, J. F., Novotny, M., Ouzounis, C. A., Palopoli, N., Papaleo, E., Pereira, P. J. B., Pozzati, G., Promponas, V. J., Pujols, J., Rocha, A. C. S., Salas, M., Sawicki, L. R., Schad, E., Shenoy, A., Szaniszlo, T., Tsirigos, K. D., Veljkovic, N., Parisi, G., Ventura, S., Dosztanyi, Z., Tompa, P., Tosatto, S. C. E. and Piovesan, D.
DisProt in 2022: improved quality and accessibility of protein intrinsic disorder annotation.
Nucleic Acids Research 50(D1): D480-D487 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Quiroga, M. V., Valverde, A., Mataloni, G., Casa, V., Stegen, J. C. and Cowan, D.
The ecological assembly of bacterial communities in Antarctic wetlands varies across levels of phylogenetic resolution.
Environmental Microbiology : en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Repetto, S. A., Braghini, J. Q., Risso, M. G., Arguello, L. B., Batalla, E. I., Stecher, D. R., Sierra, M. F., Burgos, J. M., Radisic, M. V., Gonzalez Cappa, S. M. and Ruybal, P.
Molecular typing of Strongyloides stercoralis in Latin America, the clinical connection.
Parasitology 149(1): 24-34 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Rivera, E. M., Moscatelli, G., Ballering, G., Ganuza, A., Alonso, A. M., Moroni, S., Clemente, M., Altcheh, J. and Angel, S. O.
Evaluation of Toxoplasma gondii recombinant antigens for early diagnosis of congenital toxoplasmosis.
Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 102(3): 115608 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Saffioti, N. A., Lauri, N., Cane, L., Gonzalez-Lebrero, R., Alleva, K., Mouro-Chanteloup, I., Ostuni, M. A., Herlax, V. and Schwarzbaum, P. J.
Interactive Dynamics of Cell Volume and Cell Death in Human Erythrocytes Exposed to alpha-Hemolysin from Escherichia coli.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23(2): en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Solmi, L., Rosli, H. G., Pombo, M. A., Stalder, S., Rossi, F. R., Romero, F. M., Ruiz, O. A. and Garriz, A.
Inferring the Significance of the Polyamine Metabolism in the Phytopathogenic Bacteria Pseudomonas syringae: A Meta-Analysis Approach.
Frontiers in Microbiology 13: 893626 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Sueiro, M. C., Palacios, M. G., Trudeau, V. L., Somoza, G. M. and Awruch, C. A.
Anthropogenic impact on the reproductive health of two wild Patagonian fish species with differing reproductive strategies.
Science of the Total Environment 838(Pt 2): 155862 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Trevizani, R., Yan, Z., Greenbaum, J. A., Sette, A., Nielsen, M. and Peters, B.
A comprehensive analysis of the IEDB MHC class-I automated benchmark.
Briefings in Bioinformatics 23(4): en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Wang, B., Mechaly, A. S. and Somoza, G. M.
Overview and New Insights Into the Diversity, Evolution, Role, and Regulation of Kisspeptins and Their Receptors in Teleost Fish.
Frontiers in Endocrinology 13: 862614 (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Zhang, X., Khadka, P., Puchalski, P., Leehan, J. D., Rossi, F. R., Okumoto, S., Pilot, G. and Danna, C. H.
MAMP-elicited changes in amino acid transport activity contribute to restricting bacterial growth.
Plant Physiology : en prensa (2022)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed




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Short linear motif candidates in the cell entry system used by SARS-CoV-2 and their potential therapeutic implications.

Meszaros, B., Samano-Sanchez, H., Alvarado-Valverde, J., Calyseva, J., Martinez-Perez, E., Alves, R., Shields, D. C., Kumar, M., Rippmann, F., Chemes, L. B. and Gibson, T. J.

Science Signaling.
Vol. 14, Issue 665, eabd0334 DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.abd0334

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A genomic island in Brucella involved in the adhesion to host cells: Identification of a new adhesin and a translocation factor..

Lopez, P., Guaimas, F., Czibener, C. and Ugalde, J. E.

Cell Microbiol
22(11): e13245 (2020)

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Transmigration of Trypanosoma cruzi Trypomastigotes through 3D Spheroids Mimicking Host Tissues.

Rodriguez, M. E., Rizzi, M., Caeiro, L., Masip, Y., Sanchez, D. O. and Tekiel, V.

Methods in Molecular Biology
Volume 1955, pages 165-177 (2019)

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Chagas Disease Diagnostic Applications: Present Knowledge and Future Steps.

Balouz, V., Agüero, F. and Buscaglia, C.A.

Advances in Parasitology
Volume 97 , Chapter 1 pages 1-45 (2017)

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The Trypanosoma cruzi surface, a nanoscale patchwork quilt.

Mucci, J., Lantos, A.B., Buscaglia, C.A., Leguizamón, M.S. and Campetella, O.

Trends in Parasitology
Volume 33 , Issue 2 , 102 - 112 (2017)

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Albumin–Folate Conjugates for Drug-targeting in Photodynamic Therapy.

Butzbach K, Rasse-Suriani FA, Gonzalez MM, Cabrerizo FM, Epe B.

Photochem Photobiol.
Volume 92, Issue 4, pp 611-619 (2016)

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Towards high-throughput immunomics for infectious diseases: use of next-generation peptide microarrays for rapid discovery and mapping of antigenic determinants.

Carmona SJ, Nielsen M, Schäfer-Nielsen C, Altcheh J, Mucci JS, Balouz V, Tekiel V, Frasch AC, Campetella O, Buscaglia CA, Agüero F.

Mol Cell Proteomics
Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 1871-1884 (2015)

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Shallow lakes from the Central Plains of Argentina: an overview and worldwide comparative analysis of their basic limnological features.

Nadia Diovisalvi, Vanesa Y. Bohn, María Cintia Piccolo, Gerardo M. E. Perillo, Claudio Baigún, Horacio E. Zagarese

Volume 752, Issue 1, pp 5-20

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Plant interactions with other organisms: molecules, ecology and evolution.

Amy T. Austin and Carlos L. Ballaré

New Phytologist.
Volume 204, Issue 2, pages 257–260, October 2014

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Linking phytochrome to plant immunity: low red : far-red ratios increase Arabidopsis susceptibility to Botrytis cinerea by reducing the biosynthesis of indolic glucosinolates and camalexin.

Cargnel MD, Demkura PV, Ballaré CL.

New Phytologist.
Volume 204, Issue 2, pages 42-54, October 2014.

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Identification of a type IV secretion substrate of Brucella abortus that participates in the early stages of intracellular survival.

Döhmer PH, Valguarnera E, Czibener C, Ugalde JE.

Cellular Microbiology.
Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 396-410 (2014)

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No time for candy: passionfruit (Passiflora edulis) plants down-regulate damage-induced extra floral nectar production in response to light signals of competition

Miriam M. Izaguirre, Carlos A. Mazza, María S. Astigueta, Ana M. Ciarla, Carlos L. Ballaré

Volume 173, Issue 1, pp 213-221 (2013)

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DNA methyltransferase3A as a molecular switch mediating the neural tube-to-neural crest fate transition.

Hu, N.; Strobl-Mazzulla, P.H.; Sauka-Spengler, T.; Bronner, M.

Genes & Development
26(21):2380-2385 (2012)

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Fast motility of the malaria transmission stage is essential for intra-dermal migration and triggered by the small heat-shock protein sHSP20.

Montagna G, Buscaglia CA, Münter S, Brinkmann V, Frischknecht F, Matuschewski K.

J Biol Chem
287, 2410-2422 (2012)

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Toxoplasma gondii: without stress there is no life.

Figueras MJ, Angel SO, Cóceres VM and Alomar ML.

Stress Response in Microbiology.
Ed. Jose M. Requena. Caister Academic Press, Chapter 13, 303-319, 2012.

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Neuronal glycoprotein M6a induces filopodia formation via association with cholesterol-rich lipid rafts.

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Dendritic arbors of developing retinal ganglion cells are stabilized by beta 1-integrins.

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The genome sequence of Trypanosoma cruzi, etiologic agent of Chagas disease.

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The genome of the kinetoplastid parasite, Leishmania major.

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Role of N-oligosaccharide endoplasmic reticulum processing reactions in glycoprotein folding and degradation.

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Structural basis of sialyltransferase activity in trypanosomal sialidases

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